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Is there a way at all to ask USCIS expedite a U Visa petition, based on (even more) humanitarian basis?

Aurora, CO |

I have applied 4 a U Visa & I have included my husband as derivative. Our son, who is an American Citizen, was recently diagnosed with a developmental disability & is also non-verbal. Because he is an American Citizen, he has access 2 health care & the therapy he needs, but unfortunately b/c of my husband's and mine undocumented status, we do not qualify 4 any type of governmental assistance, nor are able 2 purchase health insurance for ourselves to be part of essential family therapy and ASL classes. We r desperate 2 find a way 2 communicate with him & and have even purchased a few programs, but they are NOT specifically targeted to help our son. Base on those factors, may I request our case be expedited? My son's welfare truly depends on getting ALL (including family) therapy he needs...

Please know that it was extremely difficult to ask this question. It made the fact that I am not able to help my son myself, very real. I am not looking for pity, and I know that by answering my question, YOU ARE NOT GIVING ME LEGAL ADVICE. Non profit immigration organizations have a long waiting list, and I can't afford to wait anymore. Paying for family therapy out of pocket is very, very, very expensive, so much so that it and has put my family and I in huge financial strain. I have received some help though philanthropic organizations, for which I am eternally thankful. But we've hit a wall. I need to know if my case merits a petition for my application to be expedited. The sooner my case (hopefully) gets approved, the sooner my husband and I would be able buy health insurance and/or qualify for assistance so that we can take part of the family therapy we NEED to help him. I feel is the only way our son to thrive and have a significantly better quality of life.

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I am sorry to hear your story.

Unfortunately, every U visa applicant is a victim ... some with more compelling hardship stories than yours.

Don't refuse to put your name on the non-profit agency's waiting list just because it is long .. eventually they will call you in for an interview.


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Thank you for your input. At the moment I am in some waiting lists. It's an unfortunate truth that there are always victims with even more compelling hardships stories than mine. I hope for my son's sake we can help him soon. Time is the only true currency, and even though I can wait, he can't afford to wait as much. A year+ wait is too for him, and it would be a enormous perhaps even irreversible set back in his development t wait that long. That is why we made huge sacrifices to pay for some of the therapy ourselves.

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


I definitely hear you ... and that was NOT meant as a pun. I started my legal career as a Developmental Disabilities Advocacy attorney and understand your feelings of frustration of helplessness From what I understand, there is funding available to teach him ASL .. but not you nor your husband. Although you have probably researched the online ASL learning options, along with non-profits in your area. To be safe, let me give you a few links that I found in just 3 minutes of research.. FREE ASL CLASSES


USCIS can expedite cases due to financial or humanitarian need. Well documented expedite requests are considered fairly, if not generously.

Please note that this response for informational purposes only and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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