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Is there a time limit to sign up for VASAP class?

Alexandria, VA |

I am asking because the circuit court clerk of Stafford County, VA said that the Judge did not impose a time limit to sign up or complete VASAP just that I needed to get it done to reinstate my license. I called to sign up but they said that they sent me a letter, which I never received that if I didn't sign up by the 12th of July they would send my case back as non-compliant. How can they violate my probation when the Judge never issued a time limit? Thanks for your help.

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If ASAP sent your case back because you did not enroll immediately, it is your responsibility to petition the court to be referred back to ASAP, and then your responsibility to get enrolled. Each judge will interpret what he/she tells the defendant at the time of sentencing, as to when to get enrolled, and may or may not consider your failure to enroll immediately as non-compliant. If the case is brought back for a non-compliance hearing by the court, generally the court will not find you non-compliant if you can demonstrate that you have now taken the steps to correct the problem. Contact the lawyer who represented you on the charge to help you correct the problem.

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