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Is there a time limit to report a WC fraud? This person has taken a cash settlement, and getting SSD. and also a pension.

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By getting his settlement, and pension from this company, and also SSD, he is not showing any signs of any disability nor during the waiting period of the claim. When out of state for vacations, no problems. Only during the court case. Is it possible to report someone even after the court awarded his claim?

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If you suspect fraud (and it sounds like you do) you should report the activity to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation Special Investigations department at the following link:

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It is allowed to get Social Security, workers' compensation and get a pension. The rules do not prohibit getting all 3 benefits at the same time - I can think of several clients I have helped get all their benefits - legally. So, if you are really sure there is fraud, by all means report it. But if not, then you might want to be careful - filing a false report can be prosecuted as a crime itself.

Best of luck to you.

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Benefits from SSD, WC or a pension do not require outward signs of disability discernible by a lay person without medical and vocational expertise. The rules for both WC and SSD are quite complex and do not require an individual to be 100% incapacitated before receiving benefits.

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ty for the reply, much of what appears is not mentioned due to space, but will be checking into this soon

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