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Is there a time limit on which an attorney must bill a client?

Portland, OR |

My last court date requesting a reduction of alimony was denied. I was ordered to pay attorney fees, and after 5 months I have not been billed.

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Unless the court specified a time within which you must receive the attorney fee bill or pay the bill, it then should be a reasonable time. What is a reasonable time in this instance would be the subject of discussion? Perhaps 6 months, particularly if the matter is now resolved? I would just let sleeping dogs lie in this instance, the more time passes, the better for you in terms of not having to come up with the money and also an argument that they did not bill you in a timely manner. Unless you are in a hurry to pay don't do anything and see if they bill you down the road?

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I'm not clear on exactly how these attorney fees came up, but usually if the opposing party is awarded attorney fees, they have 14 days after the date of judgment to submit them to the court and to allow you a time to object under ORCP 68(C). If it's your own attorney that you're talking about, then your fee agreement may tell you or you can dispute the amount owed through the Oregon State Bar Fee Arbitration Program.

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It sounds like you were ordered to pay attorney fees to the opposing party. They should have filed an attorney fee petition and the court would have set the amount you would have had to pay. Then, a supplemental judgment would have been entered. If you have not paid the amount set by the court, you probably would have gotten a demand to pay the fees and/or some collection letters. Additionally, you would have potentially had wages or accounts garnished. I would contact your attorney and find out what is going on. If they have not filed an attorney fee statement within the time specified by law, then their right to attorney fees is extinguished.