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Is there a time limit on a property lien.

Belfair, WA |

In 1988, my parents purchased property on Case Inlet . They made payments, then borrowed money from my grandparents to pay the debt in full. My father passed away and my mom deeded the property to my husband and I this year. We are trying to take out a real estate loan for remodel and discovered the $39,000 lien was never taken off the land. The original owner died in 1998. We have contacted the heirs who refuse to act on releasing the lien. There are no records on either side. Our loan is on hold until this is resolved. Is there a time limit on liens. Without documentation, other than my mother's word that they paid the debt, do we own the land our house has sat on for 20 years.

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The short answer to your question is YES, there are time limits on liens. The problem in answering your question, however, is that I'm unsure what type of lien was filed against the property and its terms.

If it is was a mechanic's lien, it would expire after 8 months (which has long passed).


Even if you are past the time limit, you may have to bring a "Quiet Title" Action to remove the lien from the property. You need to contact litigation counsel to help you work through these issues.

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