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Is there a time limit for a contractor to finish a job in NC when the contract doesn't state an end date?

Apex, NC |

I hired a home improvement contractor to do some exterior repair. it has been 1 month since they were on site and the job is not completed and they will no longer return my calls. I want to just end the relationship and not owe the balance of the agreed amount. I want to understand how to cancel the contract so i can finish the wok with the remaining money we budgeted.

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If there was no completion date on the contract, nor did the contractor tell you what date he would finish, the work is to be completed in a reasonable time period. Reasonableness is determined on a case by case basis. You should send him a letter explaining what has happened and why you do not need his services any longer. If you have paid him for work not done, you should as for the remainder of the money back. If he does not pay the money back in a reasonable time, you can take the contractor to small claims court.

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The law provides for the contractor to proceed in a workman like manner. What is a reasonable time would be a question of fact for the court to determine