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Is there a time limit between the date of MVA until you see the doctor for one to have a case? 9 days after an MVA I have back

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There is no time limit because there are occasions where a person does not immediately experience symptoms from an accident and the symptoms only manifest some time later. However, many lawyers are reluctant to take a case where the symptoms do not quickly manifest themselves. Keep looking. If your case has merit you should eventually find someone willing to help you. Good luck.

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Are you sure there are not other reasons why they are not accepting your case? The simple fact that there is a 9 day gap between the accident and medical care alone without any other probkems in the case that you did not mention should not discourage counsel from taking the case if your claims for negligence and damages otherwise have merit.

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There are many different aspects to these cases to determine whether or not you have a case. Many don't want to deal with a case wherein they think the value of the case is very small. However, you should explore ALL the factors involved including, but not limited to, the severity of your injuries. Don't be dissuaded because someone wouldn't take your case. I'd you have an injury due to someone else's negligence, you should be compensated for the same.


No. Many times injuries manifest months later. Retain a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

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If you were injured in the accident you should certainly seek medical care. Not only may you have a claim against the individual responsible for the MVA, but you likely have Personal Injury Protection benefits under your own policy to which you may avail yourself. Based on your post, I suspect that your case may have been declined because there was either little or no damage to the vehicles involved. Many lawyers do not wish to handle low damage, "soft tissue" injury cases because insurance companies have become very difficult to deal with in these type of cases and the attorneys you contacted may feel that it is not worth their time. This should not discourage you from pursuing your claim. There are plenty of attorneys who will handle such a case. Good luck.

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There is no "hard" legal time limit, no; but practically speaking, very much so. The longer one waits after an accident to visit a doctor, the more basis the insurance company (or uninsured defendant) has to argue that the injury is (a) minor or (b) something you trumped up after, not before, you sought legal counsel. These are common positions taken by attorneys for insurance carriers. We all know that, absent catastrophic injury, no one wants to rush off immediately to a doctor if it may not be necessary. But postponing a visit for too long plays into the defendant/insurance company's hands, strengthening their argument.

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