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Is there a time frame in which an officer should pull you over for a violation? Can u ask to see radar gun to verify speed?

Ogden, UT |

I was going 42 in 30 and as soon as i seen the officer checked my speed and released gas to slow down. I was followed for over a mile then pulled over. He then told me that I was going 42 the whole way, which I know I wasn't . I was carefully watching my speed. For one , why in the heck would he lie to me??????? I'm more freaked out now that my speedometer is off and will be getting it checked tomorrow. Can you say Good Luck!

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I laughed a bit when you said why in the heck would he lie to me??? Many times, officers are out for DUI and Drug patrol, and they are looking for any minor offense (such as minor speeding, light over you plate out; not signalling for 2 seconds) to pull you over. This gives them the "in" to further their investigation-- they then look for additional signs (smell of alcohol, smell of marijuana, nervous behavior) to further investigate.

Check your speedometer, make sure it is working--

Unless it is for the principle of the matter, your ticket will probably be reduced-- it probably isn't worth paying an attorney $1000 for an $82 ticket.

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