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Is there a such thing as getting my interlock device out early?

Denver, CO |

I got my dui in feb 2010. I got my interlock installed in may 2012 and have to have it for 2 years. Im coming up on my first year, without any problems, no negatives. My classes are all finished and so is my community service.. I was wondering if there is a such thing to enroll to get it out early, kind of like released on good behavior kind of thing.

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There is no early termination allowed on a 2-year interlock requirement.


If you have a two year interlock requirement, chances are this is your second or greater per se revocation and/or you had a blood or breath test result of .17 or greater. There are two circumstances where a two year interlock is required under the Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles administrative regulations and there may be other circumstances. Unfortunately once you get a two year interlock condition of reinstatement of your driver's license, it cannot be terminated prior to the end of the two years.

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Unfortunately, this was created by the state legislature. The only way to change it would be to convince them to change state law.

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