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Is there a statute of limitations on speeding tickets in NY state?

New Cumberland, PA |

I received a failure to comply notice from the state of NY last week for a speeding ticket I got in 1994. I am sure I paid it but have nothing to back me up. They are giving me until the end of the month to pay or they say I will loose my license. I live in Pennsylvania.

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Although I would check with an attorney in NY state (as I am only licensed to practice law in PA), I can tell you that, generally speaking, there is no statute of limitations on speeding tickets. When you do not appear or pay the ticket, the court enters it as a guilty plea and they can collect the fine many years later. What makes your situation worse is that if your driving privileges are suspended in NY, this can also result in your license being suspended in PA. All NY has to do (and some states do this as a matter of course) is notify PA that NY suspended your driving privileges in NY for failure to pay a ticket and PA can suspend your license until the NY ticket is paid. So, the safest path to take is to pay the ticket and get proof of payment.

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