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Is there a statute of limitations on bench warrants?

Lewistown, MT |

I received a MIP ticket about 10 years ago, in the sentencing i received 30 days jail time, and I only completed 11 days. I learned that i do have a warrant for these 19 days. I called the judges office and tried to make it so I could pay off the warrant and serve this time three days a week. I was told no, that I would have to serve it all at once, and the warrant would remain active untill i did so. Is there anything i can do about this?

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This will depend on the court and likely require an attorney to negotiate this for you. There are no promises with this type of thing though. You were supposed to serve the entire time and you did not. Why did you not serve it out?
With an attorney that has a relationship with the court, it is possible to work out an alternative for you to get it done.


You must have received weekends and never returned. You cannot pay off your time--ever, in criminal cases. I don't know what MIP is. An attorney could try to do a Motion to Recall the Bench warrant, explain that you have obeyed all laws for the past 10 years and put in all of the positive things you have been doing---marriage, children, education, military, community service and attempt to get you a hearing. At the hearing it may be possible to negotiate a better sentence. It will not go away. I believe you have no new charges as the warrant would have been served if you were arrested.

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