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Is there a statute of limitations for a parking ticket in New York State

Oceanside, NY |

My car was towed for an alleged parking ticket I got 6 years ago. I have not been in hiding for 6 years. I have been at the same address (I am a homeowner), and during the past 6 years I have bought a car, purchased NYS license plates, renewed my NYS drivers license, been widowed and I pay my bills. I can't swear that I didn't get a ticket, nor can I prove that, if I got a parking ticket, that I paid for it. I don't retain bank records for 6 years because there is no need (I thought) for it. Now I'm out $900 to claim my car at the pound and costs for cabs to get home from work, to get back to work, to go to the pound, etc.
Please, someone, reply. If I have any recourse, suggest what I might do.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer. I appreciate your volunteering legal help and respect you for it. The reason I checked off Atty Palumbo as being Best Help is because his reply came first. In essence, all the answering attorneys gave the same answer, so THANKS TO YOU ALL! YOU ARE ALL #1. gramps

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Before they can tow your car you have had to have been noticed several times at your address of record. You can call your bank and recreate the records and check abstracts. But for now all you can do is pay the fees to get your car back and then if you can find proof of prior payment bring them to the court where the tickets were issued for a refund.


Statute of limitations doesn’t apply because they issued the ticket and obtained a judgment back then. Now they are simply enforcing the judgment. You may want to move to vacate the judgment but its a long shot.


Simply put, No. They stay until they are paid or lifted or resolved.

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A ticket was already issued. If you failed to answer the ticket there was a default judgment answered against you.

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