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Is there a statute of limitations for a loan made to a family member? Arizona

Kingman, AZ |

My brother owes me $6000.00. After he borrowed the money he refused my calls and hid from me and other family members. I have proof that I helped him pay off his credit cards, but he has refused to pay me back. Now, 8 years later, he has come out from hiding, and says that the statute of limitations has expired.

Have I lost my chance to collect because he intentionally disappeared long enough for the statute of limitations to expire? Does the law really protect a person who hides from their responsibility --- even when it is family?

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The statute of limitations for a written contract is 6 years and 3 years on oral contracts. Unfortunately, you have lost your chance to sue. If you can get him to admit he owes the debt, you might be able to re-start the calendar for another 3 years.