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Is there a statute of limitations on a photo violation?

Saint Louis, MO |

I received a notice of unpaid traffic code violation in the mail the other day . The violation is a photo violation - no right on red which I apparently committed over a year ago , however , this is the first I've heard of it . I apparently committed the violation in March of 2012 , which is when I was changing apartments . So I'm guessing the original traffic ticket was sent to my old apartment , but I had no idea . My court date to contest has obviously already passed , but was told I can set up a new one if I'd like to speak to the judge . So is there a statute of limitations ? Do I still have to pay this ? What if the judge says I HAVE to pay this ?

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The reality with camera tickets, is that even though they would normally be violations with points, they are no point violations when by a camera. The fine is usually $100, and there should not be any late fees. If this is the case, and you can confirm from the paperwork with it says clearly no points violation, I would just go ahead and pay it and Not waste your time.


There is no statute of limitations on unpaid tickets. Please note that some courts issue arrest warrants for defendants who fail to pay the fine for a red-light camera ticket or speed camera ticket, and warrants never expire. Just because you moved and didn't receive the notice from the court doesn't mean you are exempt from paying the fine. Red-light camera tickets and speed camera tickets in St. Louis are all non-moving, no-point infractions, so I would just pay the fine if it were me. If the judge says you have to pay the fine, then you have to pay the fine or risk contempt of court and a warrant for your arrest being issued.

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Yesterday a court of appeals in Missouri heard argument challenging red light cameras.

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Matthew S. Chase

Matthew S. Chase


Ron, thanks for posting this! I missed news of that case. It is interesting to note that all studies done of red light cameras, not just in Missouri or the US, but internationally, have shown that red light cameras always do two things: (1) they raise awesome revenue for the government, and (2) they increase accidents.

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