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Is there a state agency that pays a family member for caring for elderly parent ?

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I sold my home and moved in with my elderly father to care for him after my mom passed away last year. I am being told by people that there is a program through the state that pays family members to care for elderly parents. Is this true and if so who do you contact to apply for this? Please give any info you may have and also it is coming to the point where my dad needs to not be driving but when i call his doctor he says he will address this issue and other issues and concerns but he never does. How do i make these things happen. Please help with any info you may have. Thank you, signed seriously stresses out.

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You may be thinking of Caregiver Homes, which pays relatives (other than spouses) others $50/day tax free if the care would help keep the elder out of a nursing home. There's also the Personal Care Attendant program, which pays an hourly rate for care. Both programs require that the elder be financially eligible for MassHealth.

I strongly suggest you connect with a local elder law attorney (John Roberts, who posts on this list, is in your area and certainly knows his stuff). A local elder law attorney will be able to look at all of the financial and other facts and advise you about your options.

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Your best bet is to contact a local elder law attorney to review your options and explore locally available benefit programs.

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