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Is there a regulated distance a PA state trooper must initate a traffic stop on a speeding violation

Emlenton, PA |

the mile marker is listed where the radar picked up the speed and I know the mile marker i which he initiated the stop.

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Attorney answers 2


I doubt it. In my state the troopers work together and have radio contact so that one trooper can contact ahead to another trooper many miles ahead to pull over the speeder. Also, in my state, overhead patrols by air can use radio communication to alert motorized troopers about making a speed violator stop.


The question has more to do with the technical capacities of the equipment that clocked your speed then the law. In order to support a citation the officer must be able to testify that the equipment is capable of making the measurement reported, was working and used properly. If these things are untrue, there is a distance limitation. If you are going to use this argument to fight a ticket, get a lawyer.