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Is there a possibility of a deferred disposition or stay of adjudication for MIP offenses in the state of Nevada?

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I was arrested for an MIP violation recently. I haven't lived in the state long, am a model student (age 20), have no record and this was a rare incident caused by being in the wrong place with the wrong people. I'm terrified of the possibility of this affecting my long term future (although HR professionals I've spoken with at my work inform this never has bearing on hiring decisions). I need to have my court date moved, and I'm hoping there's a possibility of receiving a deferred disposition, as I've read is possible in other states for violators willing to attend classes or perform service of some sort, and who remain clean afterward. I'm hoping a Nevada lawyer can inform me what the potential consequences or options are. The officers also informed my bail would be my fine.

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It all depends on the specific facts of your case. Generally, if your record is clean your chances of avoiding a conviction are high. I recommend consulting a Nevada Criminal Defense Lawyer to discuss your options.

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Consult with an attorney about the charge, defenses, possible outcomes, when you will have to make an appearance with your attorney and when your attorney can appear on your behalf, continuances and the judicial system. Many attorneys offer free consultations so take advantage of these.

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