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Is there a point when habitual traffic violations become criminal acts?

Miami, FL |
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They can become criminal acts I guess. It depends. If they cause your licesnse to become suspended, and you then drive on the suspended license, that is a criminal act. A number of tickets (civil citations) in and of themselves do not constitute criminal acts. Criminal acts that are committed by driving include reckless driving, DUI, driving while license suspended, among many others. At some point, if your license is suspended enough times for certain acts you committed (not just speeding), you can become classified as an habitual traffic offende, and your license can be suspended for 5 years.

Your question was not very clear, but hopefully I have generally answered your questions.


Like Don said, if you drive while your license is suspended because of this you will be arrested and charged. Otherwise, civil traffic tickets will generally never become criminal no matter how many you get. However, you could lose your license for 5 years if they consider you a habitual traffic offender.