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Is there a place to look up whether a lawyer is good or not? im asking on behalf of my stepsister.

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my stepsister's husband had a stroke and the hospital was negligent in care and diagnosis, even charted things wrong, i think saying they did things that werent done, its past the malpractice statute of limitations but this lawyer is saying they can still sue, she wants to know if he is any good, and im curious what the grounds for the suit would be, if she can still sue, its pretty much a slam dunk case, my mom is a registered nurse and saw CLEAR errors that even a fool wouldnt make

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There is no magic formula for looking up a lawyer and insuring that the lawyer is good. Avvo ratings can be pumped up, and I know some SuperLawyers who are not so great either. Lawyers who are certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy have to provide references, proof of experience and pass a tough exam. Most lawyers who go to the trouble to obtain that certification are more than competent. At the end of the day, the best way to find a good lawyer is to talk to several and ask opinions from as many people as you can find.

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Medical malpractice is a different animal from other areas of law. It's very specialized. It requires not just legal knowledge but also medical knowledge. Many attorneys advertise for medical negligence cases but don't actually do much of it. Avvo is a old source. But also be sure to google the law firms in your area. Examine their websites (if they don't have a website, run). See if you can tell that they actually take medical malpractice cases to trial. Competent med mal attorneys don't just talk about it or advertise for this work...they go to the courthouse. If you can find someone like this, you should be okay. Generally.

Good luck.


Sometimes, but not always, there are exceptions to statutes of limitation. These differ from state to state and med mal is different. As stated by another responder, you need to speak to someone who regularly files such suits AND litigates them. You are not tied to one lawyer or firm. If you have concerns, aask how this attorney beieves specifically how to avoid the limitationa and interview other locl firms. The local bar association may be able to tell you who regularly handles such cases. Many Bar associations that refer potential clients actually screen the attorneys on the panel.

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