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Is there a list of examples of what constitutes a " substantial change in circumstances " to modify a parenting plan ?

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Is there certain case law that judges look at to determine whether a modification can be granted ? I am needing to modify my parenting plan with my ex - husband , but I wanted to read up on the requirements first to see if I have possibly met them . Some sample cases is what I'm looking for . Where can I find this at ? Thank You in advance for your time

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There isn't a pre-written list of what constitutes a substantial change in circumstances, though there are many, many cases exploring whether a particular issue represents a substantial change. Usually the lawyers will provide the judges with the relevant cases to support or rebut whether the facts constitute a substantial change in circumstances. Examples of possible substantial changes in circumstances would be a parent losing a job or getting a new job, coming down with a serious illness affecting their ability to parent, or anything that materially affects or justifies a change to the parenting plan. You should consult with an attorney and explain to him/her your particular circumstances for advice about whether it meets the criteria.

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