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Is there a legal case involving the death of my child due to placental abruption? How do I find an attorney?

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AT 38 weeks, I had a complete placental abruption. I had just arrived to work AT THE HOSPITAL when I had sharp back pain and massive hemorraging. Instead of nurses and doctors helping me, 911 was called. The ambulance came from another facility and took me past the OR, through the ER, all where doctors were present. They carried me to the womens hospital 1 mile away where there was no doctor present. Not until I was taken there 50 minutes after the beginning of the abruption was a doctor called to come in. My daughter died and I was critical due to massive blood loss. Is this a valid case? No attorney in my town wanted to take the case, but it is a small town. How do I find an attorney if this can be filed against the hospital?

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In most cases of placental abruption, the placenta is only partially separated from the uterus. When more than 50% of the placenta is separated risk of stillbirth goes up drastically than when the separation involves only a small part of the placenta.

Known risk factors for abruption of the placenta include:

•Using cocaine during pregnancy
•Being over 35 years of age
•Having a multiple pregnancy
•High blood pressure
•Having a blood clotting disorder like antiphospholipid syndrome
•Placental abruption in a previous pregnancy
•Premature rupture of membranes

When a woman has symptoms of placental abruption, the healthcare practitioner will usually do a physical exam and an ultrasound. If doctors suspect serious abruption of the placenta, the usual treatment is to deliver the baby -- by C-section in some cases. However, delivery does not always mean that the baby survives. Mothers who have suffered a severe placental abruption may experience heavy blood loss, and babies who survive delivery may face complications from prematurity and oxygen deprivation.

In your situation, it seems as though there was a delay in treating your placental abruption. The issue may come down to a determination of the severity of the placental abruption and whether earlier intervention would have made any difference in the outcome. If it turns out that your placental abruption was sudden and complete, the baby may not have been saved even if the delay had not occurred. The only way to know this for sure is to have an expert review the medical records.

Although I am licensed in Louisiana, I work with another medical malpractice lawyer who is licensed in Mississippi. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Call my office: 504-309-5000. Tell them you saw us on AVVO.


I agree with the information given to you by Attorney Jeffrey Mitchell. Sometimes in small communities it is hard to find an attorney willing to sue a physician and/or hospital since the local attorney's family gets medical care from the same hospital or healthcare provider that you might have to sue. You should not be disheartened by that.

It is important to have all of your records, including fetal monitoring strips, and your daughter's records together with the autopsy report and autopsy slides by expert witnesses selected by a competent medical malpractice attorney.

Please accept my condolences at the passing of your daughter. I know that nothing Mr. Mitchell or any other attorney will do will undo what was done, but at least you will know for certain whether your daughter's death was preventable and if so, you will have the opportunity to hold those persons or entities responsible for your daughter's death accountable.


You definitely need to discuss your case with an attorney. Call outside your area, any experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Mississippi can pursue your case. Let me also add my condolences on the passing of your daughter.

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