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Is there a lawyer that will help me collect my claim of $5,300 from my former employer?

Bartlesville, OK |

I was awarded $5,300 from the OKDOL on a judgement against my former employer. I have not gone to small claims court yet, though it only costs $208 for filing and for the sheriff to deliver that claim. There is no court cost according to the court clerk. My employer had went out of business but was not legally a LLC because it had expired. I believe he is still has a business account under McFerron's Produce. Though he is out of business, I would like to collect the full amount. The only problem is that I don't have the funds to hire an attorney (around $1,000). I was wondering if it is possible to collect on a lump sum of the claim even if I had to settle for less than the claim than to wait forever to collect. The alternative attorneys in Bartlesville have their caseloads full.

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If all you need is the filing of the judgment and then to pay the sheriff/constable, you can probably do that yourself or with guidance of your local Legal Aid. The Sheriff will usually do the collecting for you.

Honestly you're going to have a problem hiring a private attorney because the amount awarded is relatively small for the work required to collect it.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.