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Is there a law protecting ssdi recipients from rent late fees if ssdi payment isn't received by the gov until after due date?

Herriman, UT |

I spoke to the Social Security Administration to see if I could change the date I receive benefits to the 5th of the month or before. They said they couldn't but to check with a lawyer to see if there is a law protecting tenants from late fees based on this situation.

Currently I get paid by or before the 2nd Wed of every month.

I also spoke to the apartment manager and they said they can't change anything because their computers are set to charge the fees when late. It costs $50 for first day and $5 per day after until paid. I have had to pay about $80 in late fee totals and that is a lot for someone living on SSDI, I could pay 2-3 other bills with that. It mainly hard because I have no other way around it.

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It looks like you asked this question twice. If you have not already, see my answer here

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