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Is there a law in the state of tn on buying a car as is

Antioch, TN |

transmission went out 16 days after purchasing the car from the car lot

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This is the same question you posted before so here is the answer again in case you missed it before. As Is can be hard to get around in any state but not impossible in most cases. It can depend on your sales papers and what representations were made to you by the car lot and what your car Buyer Guide said or even if there was a Buyer Guide properly filled out and properly posted on the car when you first saw it. Federal law says how that Buyer Guide is supposed to be done and if it is done wrong, or not at all, then you could get warranty rights after all. And if your sales contract is not don right you could get implied warranties too. This can all be confusing and can change a little depending on your local laws, which is why you really need to talk to a local lemon law attorney near you. You can find one at But don't delay because For every legal right you have there is only a limited amount of time to file a claim before your legal rights expire (lawyers call it a statute of limitations) so act fast. If this answer was helpful, please give it a Vote UP review below. And be sure to mark what is your best answer so we can all be sure we are doing a good job. Thanks and good luck.

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Tough situation, but, you may have a "revocation of acceptance" claim?

Contact a local consumer protection atty for more information.

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I agree with Ron and Scott, this can be a tough situation to get any relief from.

Mr. Burdge makes a good point about the used car buyer's guide document, that the dealer is required to display on the vehicle and to give you a copy of. If the dealer fails to follow the rules related to the buyer's guide, this can be a possible claim that you can bring against the dealer.

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