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Is there a law in IL concerning loss of parental right after 6 months of non-custody parent not visiting the child?

Clarksville, TN |

My sons ex has custody of their daughter. He has court ordered visitation every other weekend. She has refused to allow him to see her since June. If such a law exists, can the time she has ignored the court ordered visitation count against him?

There seems to be a lot of nepotism in this area. Her father works at the jail and she is somehow related to the sheriff. Even the judge is a relative of the ex. Far enough for it to just be legal for him to hear the case. When my son tried to get the order enforced, somehow all the paperwork for the judge got lost.

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He should go into court to enforce visitation. Hopefully he can document all the times he tried to do visitation and was blocked by the mother.