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Is there a law in Florida that says the bank must hold a renters de . for five days before they can return it ?

Panama City Beach, FL |

We gave the keys to the landlord on the 24th of Feb . 2013 and have not gotten our de . back yet . He told us the bank has to , by law , hold the money for five days .

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Florida law requires a landlord to return a deposit to a tenant within fifteen (15) days of the tenant vacating the property. If the landlord intends to impose a claim on the deposit, then the landlord must send the tenant notice of intent to do so by certified mail within thirty (30) days of the tenant vacating the property. If you vacated on February 24 (evidenced by the turning in of your keys), and your landlord has no intent to impose a claim on your deposit, then he would have up to and including March 16 to return your deposit. This is the law binding upon a landlord.

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