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Is there a law being passed in GA for inmates not having to do the mandatory sentence?

Atlanta, GA |

My boyfriend heard from his counselor that there is a law trying to get passed in the state of GA that he will not have to do the mandatory sentence. And he will be able to parole out after doing 65% of his time.

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The answer to your question depends on what charge he is facing. The seven deadly sins crimes in Georgia are not parole eligible but a recent change in the law will allow the mandatory portion of the sentence, i.e. 10 years for armed robbery, to be shortened with the consent of the prosecutor and the judge.


Your question is of course speculative toward law that may be passed sometime in the future, and therefore attorneys have little to offer you in the form of an answer.

Mandatory sentencing is for the most part heavily debated around the country, yet even if there is a change in the law, it will take time to take effect, and any change would likely only give judges more discretion in setting sentences not adjust existing sentence requirements.

This answer does not constitute a legal consultation, or definitive answer, nor does it establish a lawyer client relationship. Each case, controversy, or situation is factually different and requires particularized evaluation.


There has been some discussion in the Georgia legislature about giving sentencing judges more discretion in certain types of cases, as opposed to specific mandatory minimum sentences. Absent your boyfriend getting a sentence modification, he will most likely have to do the full length of his "mandatory minimum" sentence.

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