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Is there a Kansas State Tax Code? The Dept of Revenue website has forms and instructions. But I want to read the laws.

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I am doing a project and need to know the requirements for being a resident in Kansas for tax purposes. For example, if a person spends time in Florida and wants to have residency there because of advantageous tax laws, can he avoid filing ks taxes if he spends a significant amount of time in Kansas also. He works in KS, is subject to a child custody arrangement in KS, has a trust in KS, etc. What source can I credit for this info?

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Here is a link to the tax statutes in the State of Kansas:

Good luck to you.

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Reading the law to see for yourself is certainly a good endeavour; however, you will almost certainly reach the conclusion that you will still have to file tax returns in Kansas because you are working in Kansas and therefore earning money in Kansas. The mere fact that you are working in Kansas makes you subject to Kansas state income taxes on the money you earned in Kansas, even if you are otherwise a nonresident for Kansas state tax purposes. Furthermore, if you are the beneficiary of a trust that is located in Kansas, then the trust itself will most likely continue to be subject to Kansas taxes. If you also own residential property in Kansas that you continue to use as a place to live when you're in Kansas, then you may find yourself being treated as a resident of both Kansas and Florida (it doesn't happen very often, but it can happen). If you don't want to be subject to Kansas income tax, then you'll not only have to establish residency in another state (and become a non-resident of Kansas), you'll also have to find work outside of Kansas.

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