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Is there a grace period to back out of a lease agreement

Sanford, FL |

I signed a lease on 7/12 efective on 7/14 upon further inspection I didnt like the unit can I cancel lease?

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The answer to your question depends upon the specific wording of your lease and upon the facts of the condition of the property. Also, have you taken occupancy of the property? How bad is the condition of the property?

To answer these questions and to get you in the best position to possibly escape the legal responsibilities which come with the lease obligation = you need to engage an experience real estate attorney in your area right now. Yes, it will cost you some money. But what is the alternative? If you try to get out of the lease on your own, with no help from a lawyer, read the parts of the lease which detail the damages (money) the owner/landlord is entitled to from you. That may be even more expensive than engaging an attorney.

I am not aware of any Florida law which allows for a "grace period" to back out of a lease agreement. Generally, once you sign the lease and put down your deposit, you are in. A breach of the lease can be expensive. You may be thinking of three-day back out grace periods in the law which apply to door-to-door sales or solicitations, but no such law applies to real estate leases.