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Is there a form to file to apply for a First Time Abatement removal of tax liability and penalties?

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I received a tax liability with penalties and interest from the IRS. But I have never had them before. I am of the understanding that I qualify for a First Time Abatement because my taxes are current and up to date. Is there a form I need to fill out and submit to qualify or do I need to write the IRS?

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You need to file a protest within the time allowed in the notice of assessment (the tax bill) by certified mail to the IRS. The assessment notice should have included a copy of Publication 5 "Your Appeal Rights and How to File a Protest if You Don't Agree" or you can find the Publication at the IRS website I recommend the assistance of a tax attorney or CPA familiar with the appeals process.


As Mr. Durr indicates, you respond to the assessment, then make a formal request and cite the applicable revenue procedures and code references that justify the request for first-time abatement.

Good luck.

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I just wanted to add that the First Time Abatement applies to penalties so the interests arising from your tax liability will still need to be paid.
As Mr. Durr and Mr. Nielsen indicated, a memorandum in writing stating the reasons for the abatement of penalties such as reasonable cause would probably be the most effective method to request an abatement. The memorandum should list the supporting authorities for the abatement including the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM). It is best that you contact a CPA or Tax Attorney to write this memorandum for you. In the meantime, a good start for understanding reasonable cause and other types of reasons for abatement is located at Best of luck to you.

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I would submit a form 843 along with a your written request for Penalty Abatement. You can find the form and instructions on

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