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Is there a federal statute of limitations and is there anyway to pursue a case against department of family and children service

Clarkesville, GA |

At age (1997-1999)10-12 I was a victim of molestation. My oldest sister went to child protective services and spoke to them about her concerns. They then had my mother take me to the office to talk to me. At the time I was still a victim and was scared to speak out because the man was still in the home. The case got closed without further investigation. At age (2004)17 I went back to child protective services and disclosed to them my abuse and told them of concerns I had that his two daughters that he gained custody of would fall victim to his abuse also. They took notes and pushed me on my way. They never reported it to a higher authority (investigators). In 2012 the two young girls disclosed that they were victims. Our local paper ran the story that a local man was arrested for molestation. At this time I came forward again and disclosed my abuse. He has been indicted on 18 counts mine included. Do I have ground for a lawsuit against child protective services.

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This would be a civil case so you would do best to hire a civil lawyer. Try a different category to get a better response.


Perhaps. Your case is too serious to post on a public web site. Contact a lawyer with experience in these types of cases, and follow his/her advice.

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