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Is there a database to locate entertainment law students looking for projects?

San Francisco, CA |

I'm interested in finding free entertainment legal advice. I believe that fairly knowledgable in regards to Music Law but I'd like to find an entertainment law student who would like to "get there feet wet" and come on board to advise my business in legal matters.

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You should contact the law school in San Francisco. There are many students who may want to assist you, but ask yourself if it is a good idea. They do not know the intricacies of the law the same as someone who has practiced for a long period of time in that field. I do not recommend this approaach at all.

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The 4 big law schools in southern CA, USC, UCLA, Southwestern, and Loyola, all have entertainment law programs, since this is where the industry largely is. Contact the recruiting offices, you can probably get a student for the summer, or an intern for free who could telecommute and would be thrilled to get their feet wet at your business.

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Only get an attorney licensed in your state, or the state of the issue, to aid you. I am an entertainment attorney, but not licensed in California. Definitely do not get a law student, or anyone for that matter, who is not licensed in California, to give you legal advice.

If you are looking for pro bono legal advice regarding entertainment law, there are probably a lot of organizations that can aid you. For example, where I practice law in South Florida, there is a great organization offering free or low cost legal services called "Artserve".

Also, where I practice in South Louisiana, Tulane law school offers pro bono legal advice to musicians through their ELLA program, which has an attorney supervisor.

In San Francisco, check out Golden Gate law school. They have a great intellectual property program for law students, and may have a community pro bono program with attorney supervisors and law student helpers.