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Is there a cut off period to present documents for court? X is notorious about suddenly having new info. to present.

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X has violated Hipaa rules by changing my passwords and address (bcbs) to obtain my medical information. X misrepresented those sensitive documents as being evidence that I was using out-of-state doctors to cover my so called "gambling" habits on a monthly basis. Im now thinking he will try show Affidavits of persons that were subordinates and did not like my no nonsense approach. he has become friends with many past employees. I do not work and am on ssd, To submit new documents other than what was presented on discovery/response, is it admissible in court? and when must it be submitted? before trial begins? AT informal arbitration, X produced grants/stocks I was unaware of. not at beginning, at his convience, midwy thru the day.Stocks appeared to keep me out of his bank acct.

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Thank you for your question. It would seem that you are involved in a rather complex matter. You should seek the assistance of a licensed attorney. As to your question, a party responding to discovery requests must produce documents that are responsive to the requests. If responsive documents are not produced, the court may exclude their use at trial.

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