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Is there a cost, if so how much for a uncontested straight forward divorce no children or property

Smyrna, GA |

Separated since 2007 whereabouts unknown

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There is a cost if you want the process handled by an attorney. You would also need to pay fees for filing ($200.00 - $218.00 depending in the county), service fee ($50.00 or so depending in the county), and the any other court costs. Good luck and contact an attorney if you would like assistance.


You should be able to get a divorce (NO Contest) for a total of $1,500. That includes the lawyer, filing fees, etc.

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There are several bill boards in metro Atlanta advertising uncontested divorces for $500 plus filing fees. I do not know these attorneys, but a bare bones complaint and no children or property settlement agreement may be accomplished for such a low fee if primarily handled by a competent paralegal.

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This is a little complicated because you can't get your spouse to sign papers if you don't know where they are. You need a judge's permission to publish notice of the case.