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Is there a company called Worldwide Requisitions

Washington, DC |

They say I will have to go to court to a Payday Loan company back from March, 2011

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There could be. You would need to search. If they are suing you, then you should have their name and address anyways or it should be on any pleadings filed in court.

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I went to Google. Was not listed. Probably a scam.


It's possible that they are a debt collector or a debt buyer. Dispute the debt immediately! Don't trust that they are even capable of suing you until they prove to your satisfaction that you have incurred an indebtedness with someone that has transferred the right to collect to their office, or that the debt has been purchased by them. It goes without saying that you should raise this issue with a local consumer bankruptcy attorney immediately. Do not give them any information or admit to anything at this time. But you should not hide and hope the matter simply resolves itself either. Please schedule an appointment with a competent consumer bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. Good luck!


I do not find them with a google search. If they have sent you anything in writing, you should have their address and phone number and can check them out. If they only call on the phone, the next time they call ask for their address and write down the phone number shown on your caller ID. Then check them out on the internet. If they do not serve you any papers, they are bluffing. Do not send them any money ever.

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