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Is there a case of Medical Malpractice for a Hip Replacement surgery resulting in leg Amputation?

Los Angeles, CA |

My mother had hip replacement surgery. The day after surgery she was complaining about not being able to feel anything under her knee and her leg was cold and a different color. We asked the Dr. and Nurse about it. They said it was due to anesthesia she had received for her surgery. On the Third day they found she had a blood clot. She was schedule for emergency surgery to remove blood clot. A week after removing her blood clot the Dr. decided for Amputation above of knee. She was unable to feel her leg even though the blood was circulating. Does she have a Malpractice because they found the blood clot too late and her leg had gone over 2 days with no blood circulation?

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Consult a medical malpractice attorney to review all the records and advise you if they believe the standard of care was breached.

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The records will need to be reviewed to see if there was a violation of the standard of care. Contact an experienced malpractice lawyer near you. Good luck


I am not licensed in CA but what you have described sounds like a failure on the part of the medical providers. After a surgery the providers should be aware that clots can develop. Such a failure can result in damages just as you have described. I would call a local lawyer and allow them to obtain your records and complete an investigation. God bless your mother and it is my great hope that she receives appropriate compensation.


I'm sorry to hear about this. A local malpractice lawyer would need to order her medical records and send them to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.


You must seek the help of a law firm that specializes in medical malpractice matters. We refer such cases to a medical malpractice law firm where the injured's initial consultation is with a Medical Doctor which will get you a quicker response as to knowing if you have a case or not.