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Is there a "buyers remorse" period for apartments and can a lease be broken within 30 days with no consequence?

Houston, TX |

I moved into an apartment complex back in April and signed the lease and got the keys. I had to move out after 1 week due to a family emergency and had to go help my family. Now the complex has reported me to collections because of breaking the lease. I wasn't even living in there for a full month or long enough to even get my own utilities set up. Is this legal for them to ask for even more money from me when it hasn't even affected them too much? I wasn't even completely moved in to the apartment. I was told about "buyers remorse" and that I would be able to cancel my lease within the first 30 days with no problems and now I have collections calling me. What do I do?

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No. Unless the written lease you signed allows you to terminate within 30 days with no consequence for a family emergency, you are stuck with the deal you signed.

I am providing this general reaction to your question for discussion and informational purposes only. My answer could change depending on the specific facts of your situation. This answer is not intended to be legal advice and providing this answer or your reading it does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and me. I create such relationships only when there is a signed attorney fee contract between my client and me.

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