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Is their a way to claim hardship out of a timeshare

Houston, TX |

I wanted my timeshare until i lost my job. Without any way to get money for the time being can i cancel it or will i be stuck until i find a job.

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You need to review the documents governing your time share. I would expect that there is not an out for "hardship".


Timeshare agreements are very one-sided, with the one-side favoring the timeshare company who sold you the unit. If you are more than 6 days after your purchase, it will be difficult for you to cancel without incurring some sort of fee. If you are still within 6 days, you can cancel by giving written notice. Your rights will be determined for the most part by the timeshare agreement.
You should consult a real estate attorney to review the agreement and determine if you have any viable options. Many attorneys offer free consultations and fixed rates for their services, if cost is an issue. Shop around and call different attorneys to get quotes.

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