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Is the waiver application guaranteed and will work if couple divorce during the two conditional years of the green card?

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If couple get divorced during the conditional green card due to a reason that is not related to papers. is the husband or the wife will get the permanent green card if his or her partner fill the waiver application ( document)? If yes, is that guaranteed or they have to stay 2 years?

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Nothing is guaranteed and no one has to stay in a relationship which is not working The time of slavery has gone. In fact, if the citizen spouse files for a waiver while the relationship is no more, s/he would be acting dishonestly. Absent fraud, the waiver should be granted. It seem, you are quite confused about the process and would benefit great deal from a consultation with a competent immigration attorney. Good luck.

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There are no guarantees of anything. USCIS might, or might not, approve the I-751 petition filed as a waiver after divorce. You should consult with an immigration attorney about your situation.

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If the marriage was valid at the start, the non-citizen spouse can file the I-751 even if divorced. BUT, you better have an experienced lawyer help you. A marriage as short in duration as yours will require an almost perfect waiver application and interview.

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