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Is the viewing of a website with lolicon images illegal in the US. No downloading or storage of images, just viewing the webpage

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No downloading, just viewing on the webpage.

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Some police officers will believe that kiddy porn is kiddy porn. If they can convince their prosecutor of that, then charges might be filed. You can retain a criminal defense attorney. One argument is view versus download, but the prosecutor will argue that the image was transmitted to your computer at your request, so what does it matter if you store them. Your defense attorney might win this argument. Another is that the images are depictions, not photographs. This argument may also prevail. At the end of it all, you may finally get out of jail, perhaps after a jury trial. The police will watch you like a hawk since they will be convinced you are a child molester in the making. Your cell mate will miss you. So, there is more to the question than just legality. In summary, how much can you afford, and how will setting in jail awating trial affect your life?

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Its driven by the jurisdiction. For example, in the Ninth Circuit any temporary file containing child porn deleted, or not deleted, is used to prove intent. So if one mistypes a url they may be in trouble. Typically, cases are prosecuted when a kiddie porn sight is seized by the feds since they then have access to those who sign in and/or use credit cards for purchases. In addition, they closely monitor peer-to-peer file transfers. If you have additional photographs on the computer, then there should be some concern.

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In short, this practice should be avoided at ALL costs.

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