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Is the police in NY allowed to see someone naked when the person is not been arrested

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I was forced out of the apt I had been living in for many years because the police claimed it was "illegal apt". I didn't get any prior notice that I was going to be removed from my apt that day. They insisted on seeing me naked because they they claimed they feared for their safety. I wasn't of any threat to them. I have witness. I also experienced many things which I feel violated my rights. I need legal advice and would like to know the statute of limitation for this type of case in federal court. I can be reached through :

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You asked this already. See the previous answers.


I doubt the police had a basis to make you strip. You need to file a Notice of Claim with the City within 90 days of the incident to protect your State law rights and you need to file a law suit within 1 year and 90 days of the incident after complying with the Notice of Claim requirements. There are probably federal claims too. Do you have any corroboration that you were forced to strip? If so, I handle these civil rights cases.

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Were you already naked and asked to come out of a room or did they make you remove your clothing? There is a big difference. Was anyone arrested?

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