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Is the Lawyer you hire required to give me a copy of the contract agreement I signed to retain them/

Irving, TX |

Do they normally give you a copy after you sign or do youneed to request it?

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Every lawyer is different. I'd call and ask for a copy.

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In most states, the answer is “Yes” and the client can fire an attorney and receive a refund of unearned retainer. TX is frequently different. I agree with Mr. Guest: Ask for a copy. If he won’t give you a copy, then try firing him. He may have to pull out the contract to show you that you can’t fire him or that he need not refund. If you can’t get anywhere with him, go to the TX state bar at state bar. That website may have answers to your other Qs.

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I always give my client a copy. It seems strange not to do so. Ask your lawyer for it. I would be very surprised if your lawyer didn't give you a copy.