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Is the landlord responsible for property damage from a bed bug infestation?

Huber Heights, OH |

We moved into our apartment Feb. 2011. When we first moved in, I started to get bug bugs. At first I assumed they were mosiquto bites and then fleas. Finally, I caught a bed bug and realized what they were. We have had several treatments over the past two months and the bites are still occuring. My 4 year is getting the worse end of the deal with the bug bites. At first they were isolated to the bedrooms but after treatments they have spread everywhere through the house. Both couches and bedroom are now invested and they are not getting any better with treatments. Looks like we will have to throw out almost all furniture and I don't have the funds to purchase new. I believe the landlord should be liable for all my furniture that I'm going to lose because they allowed me to move in w/ bugs.

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Start by contacting the Health Department and an attorney in your area.

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It depends on who was responsible for bringing the bed bugs in to your apartment. There are lawyers that just handle bed bug cases. I googled "Bed Bugs Lawyer" and found this for you