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Is the cost of a traffic ticket lawyer going to be less than the fine of the ticket? Last ticket moving ticket ~+10 yrs .

Santa Clara, CA |

Unsafe speed ticket 59 mph in a 40mph zone? Happened in Santa Clara, CA on Dela Cruz Blvd. I just got the mailing after the ticket and it seems high ($419 w/ traffic school option & $367 w/o) especially w/ my financial situation and new baby and all. I'm usually a defensive driver and aware of my surroundings especially w/ 2 children in the car and had a feeling there was a cop around for some reason but didn't notice him until I hears the blurp and seen the red/blue lights in the rearview of the motorcycle cop. I don't recall whether I was tagged or not but I was the only car besides another in the vicinity and well ahead of the traffic pack, maybe singled out.  I was coming home tired after OT @ work and I would be better to get this handled by a lawyer especially if my insurance rise

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This is a difficult question to answer because there is not a single, fixed price that every attorney charges. You probably already knew that but that's about all I can really tell you. I would recommend using this site to find a few a traffic attorneys and contacting them and asking of them directly about their rates. Just be cognizant and respectful of their time and you should have good luck finding someone!

This is NOT legal advice. No attorney-client relationship exists.


Call traffic ticket attorneys in your area. There are many good ones.


You should hire a lawyer. a good traffic lawyer may be able to get the case dismissed and/or lower fine so that the increase in insurance does not happen. Make the cop prove his case.

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