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Is the 7fam 1156.12 law retroactive?

Los Angeles, CA |

My adult daughter would have qualified for citizenship under this law. However, we were unaware of it when we were in the US inn the 1990s. We are now overseas and wish to return to live in the US so was wondering if this law is retroactive? It says a person can still apply for a certificate of citizenship even though the law has been repealed. Is this correct? If so we would need the services of a good immigration lawyer. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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Attorney answers 1


It's definitely worth consulting an attorney regarding this issue. Please see chart below regarding derivative citizenship...however, all of the elements must have been met at any point in time and it is not necessary that they still are currently met because at the moment all of the elements were met, the daughter automatically is a citizen (even though she may not be aware of it).

Please note that acquisition of citizenship is separate and distinct from derivative citizenship.