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Is Support ORDER VALID if moving attorney does NOT file FL 191 in violation ROC 5.033 & Federal Law Sec. 466. [42 U.S.C. 666]

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•FL 342 the CHILD SUPPORT INFORMATION ORDER ATTACHMENT "THE SUPPORT ORDER" on page 2 Paragraph 12 - (The associated proof of service confirms) I was NOT served the MANDATORY Health Care Costs and reimbursement procedures and information on changing child support order(form FL-192) which MUST BE attached to a valid order.
•FL 342 page 2 paragraph 13 - Child Support Case Registry(form FL-191) was NOT completed or served upon me in violation of R.O.C. 5.330 (a); (b); (c); AND (d).
•Failure to file FL-191 also Violated CA Family Code 4014
•The court's past and present failure to have both parties registered in the Child Support Case Registry is a violation of Federal Law Sec. 466. [42 U.S.C. 666] (a) 13
•I say: Continuing to hear this contempt for support complaint, while presently being

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If someone is going forward with an OSC for contempt against you for failure to pay a support order, you need to speak with an attorney, NOW. The defense you're proposing is likely to get you nowhere except a furnished "room" (i.e., a jail cell), as a guest of your local county. There is NO statute law or case law which says that the failure to do ANY of the things you mention makes the support order invalid, or unenforceable.