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Is Sponsor's financial resource reviewed when a sponsored new immigrant apply any cash assistance for "imcome maintenance"?

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When a sponsored new immigrant apply any cash assistance subjected to "imcome maintenance", is Sponsor's financial resource reviewed by government agency? In other words, can sponsor's current financial situation disqualify the application?

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Is this "new immigrant" an applicant for permanent residency or a permanent resident? The law requires an affidavit of support to be filed along with an application for permanent residency so that the soon to be permanent resident does not become a public charge. The law states that if ever the permanent resident applies for any state or federal benefit, that state or federal entity has the right to seek reimbursement for those benefits provided to that resident from the sponsor who filed the affidavit of support. However, to date, I have not seen one instance where any state or fenderal entity has sought reimbursement. That could always change of course. Note however that the government has 10 years to seek reimbursement after the sponsored resident received state or federal benefits.