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Is Serotonin Syndrome a likely malpractice case?

Dallas, TX |

I was prescribed a SSRI+tramadol by a specialist. I filled out in the paperwork that I was also taking a tryptophan supplement at home. Both specialist and pharmacist told me the SSRI might be a little dangerous but that was about all. They never told me of the dangerous interaction between these three substances. After 5 doses of the SSRI, I wound up in the hospital ER twice and with a subsequent 4 day stay on the hospital floor because of serotonin syndrome. I could have died. I also continued to experience tremors and shakes so bad I could not walk sometimes and could not work for a week. If I had known about this reaction I would never have taken these meds together or at least been more careful but I was never informed. Would I at least be able to get my hospital bills covered?

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Bottom line is that without significant damages, a med mal lawsuit would likely cost more than could be recovered, if anything. However, speak with a local med mal lawyer when you get a chance.


You should consult a local medical malpractice attorney to review your records but based on your facts it doesn't appear the damages sustained were significant enough to bring a claim.

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There are very few likely malpractice cases in TX. The law is stacked in favor of the health care providers and against injured parties. Your injuries, while serious to you, are not likely serious enough to justify the expense and risk of a lawsuit. However, medical malpractice lawyers are happy to answer questions on the telephone, so I suggest you make some calls.

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I essentially agree with the other lawyers who have responded so far. I will add that you cannot recover damages based on what could have happened to you. You are limited to damages for the injuries you actually suffered. Also, you are in Dallas County, which is a conservative venue. Finally, without meaning to trivialize what you went through, the magnitude of your injuries does not figure to inspire a jury to award damages in an amount sufficient to cover the substantial cost of prosecuting and trying the lawsuit and leave enough left over to put some money in your pocket and provide a reasonable fee for your lawyer for the hundreds of hours of work he or she would have to do.

Having said the above, please do not think I am discouraging you from consulting a lawyer. I think you should consult one and do it promptly.

Good luck.

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