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Is safety belt citation a "moving" traffic violation?

Plano, TX |

I received a deferred disposition of a traffic ticket from the Murphy PD. The deferral period is July 9, 2012 until October 7, 2012. The condition reads:

Receipt of citation or conviction may cause this violation to be reported as a conviction.

{XX} any moving traffic violation incurred in the State of Texas during the above stated deferral period.

I got another citation on August 17, 2012. The officer verbally told me my child was not in seat belt, but he put on the ticket saying "no child passenger safety seat" (instead of safety belt).

1) Is the safety belt citation a "moving" traffic violation?
2) Is "no safety seat" the same as "no safety belt"?
3) My child did have belt on. Can she be a witness at the court? She is 5.
4) Will they suspend my driver license?


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You should contact an attorney in your area to represent you on the second citation. The attorney should be able to reset your case until after October 7, 2012, thus preventing you from receiving another conviction during the deferred period.

You and your child may appear at trial to testify that she was wearing a safety belt, however it will be your word against the officers. In that situation, 9 times out of 10 the court will agree with the officer and you will be convicted of the citation and have points assessed on your license.

You have a number of valid questions, please consult an attorney who handles traffic tickets in your area. Most will provide a free initial consultation and advise you of the best path to take.

Good Luck!

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