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Is restraining order going to show up on my background check?

Savage, MN |
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If the judge has entered a final order on the restraining order, then there is a chance a background check would turn it up. This is because it would be public record. I don't know what type of background check (i.e., how thorough) your school or potential employer would run, or how much weight they would put on a restraining order as opposed to a criminal offense.

If there hasn't been a final order issued, then it may be in your best interest to fight the issuance of the restraining order.

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Has a final order been issued in the case, or only a temporary one. One concern with an order for protection is that it can involve a finding of "domestic abuse", which may have an effect on a person's medical licensure.

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I agree with counsel. It will depend on the particular check, who's conducting it, what type of order it is, whether the order has been entered, and whether it is temporary or permanent.

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